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Dear Aurora Enthusiast,

Welcome to our new movie page showcasing dynamic, high-definition northern lights footage dancing across the Alaskan skies. Although selling still-life photographs is how Shay & I make our full-time living, filming the "Auroras in Motion" has opened up another world, the world of motion pictures. Please join us as we pursue our budding career as Filmmakers.

INDIE ALASKA interview

Catching Alaska's Light Waves

First screened at the Anchorage International Film Festival in December, 2012. (10-minute duration)

2012 Auroras in Motion footage for licensing

Individual Aurora Clips available for purchase

Our standard rate for footage is $35/second for HD content.
Licensing one minute or more hits our price break of $25 per second.

Please contact us for specific quotes. We look forward to enhancing your project.


Todd Salat Filmmaker Resume:

2007 ~ worked on a Discovery Channel project with Impossible Pictures (creators of Walking with Dinosaurs). Shay & I learned how to aurora hunt by dog team! As newbies, we "worked for beer."
2009 ~ made our own 48-minute long Alaska Aurora Hunting DVD.
2010 ~ made a Northern Lights Adventure movie with the crew from Alaska Channel. Plays all summer at Alaska Experience Theatre.
2011 ~ provided five minutes of footage for Dynamic Aurora movie. Plays all summer at the University of Alaska Museum of the North.
2011 ~ provided 30 seconds of time-lapse footage for NBCUniversal, The Weather Channel episodes, From the Edge with Peter Lik. That's my stuff at the trailer opening.
2012 ~ opened Gala Event for 2012 Anchorage International Film Festival with five-minute Auroras in Motion clip set to music.
2012 ~ Screened Catching Alaska's Light Waves at 2012 Anchorage International Film Festival
2013 ~

Provided footage and was interviewed for Alaska Public Media's I Am The Aurora Hunter / INDIE ALASKA

2014 ~ Provided 152 seconds of aurora footage to Bradley Reid+Associates in conjunction with the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (Alaska DCCED).
2014 ~ Created Aurora HighLights short film.
2014 ~ need auroras? just holler!