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Koyukuk Creations

Koyukuk Creations, aurora borealis photo from Alaska
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The "Koyukuk Creations" Experience

I was southward bound along the Dalton Highway (aka the Haul Road) at the tail end of a two-week spring aurora hunt in the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. I was making good progress when the auroras stopped me in my tracks... again. From 2-to-3 am I perched on a river bridge that provided this view across the barren yet powerful icescape.

With the longer days of an Alaskan summer right around the corner the April sky was losing its darkness and amidst the twilight blue background the aurora skipped across the frozen South Fork Koyukuk River. Ice & snow, spruce & flow, stars & aurora, what a show!

The tight diamond-shaped star pattern underneath the aurora and just left of dead center is the constellation Delphinus, Latin for the dolphin.

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