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Metal Prints

Sky Blue Pink Canvas Triptych

Introducing a new medium....METAL! We are now printing my aurora & scenic shots on aluminum and the results are With Out Words–WOW! The inks are dye-infused onto a specially coated aluminum and sealed with a gemlike UV coating that is both water and scratch resistant. We have commonly heard people say, "It's like looking through a window"...."Are these backlit?"...."They look so 3D." And the archival quality is out of this world (think century plus). This is a technological breakthrough and the results are in HIGH DEF!

Metal Print Framing

Sizes available:
16x24: $345 (+$40 Fedex Home Delivery)
12x30, 20x30: $445 (+$50 Fedex Home Delivery)
16x40 w/floating back frame: $749 (+$80 Fedex Home Delivery)
20x50, 30x45 w/floating back frame: $1295 (+$125 Fedex Home Delivery)
All of our photos are currently available on Metal:

...others available upon request...

Sky Blue Pink

  • 20x62 Metal Triptych: $795 (+$60 s/h Fedex Home Delivery)
  • 30x85 Metal Triptych w/floating back frame: $3195 (+$125 s/h Fedex Home Delivery)