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Aurora Borealis Science & How-To

Aurora Borealis FAQsAurora Borealis FAQs

Answers to the most popular questions I've received over my years of auora hunting.

AuroraHunting TipsAurora Hunting Tips

Find out when, where & how to view the northern lights.

Shooting the AuroraPhotographing the Aurora Borealis

Learn more about getting the shot, setting up your camera, and how to photograph your own northern lights.

How the Auroras FormHow the Aurora Borealis Form

Learn what generates this amazing phenomenon.

Moon PhasesMoon Phases

Is it waxing or waning? Find out more about Earth's largest natural satellite.

Star ChartStar Chart

Look up at the night sky, and learn to recognize the stars and their constellations.

Alaska MapAlaska Map

The Last Frontier! See where Todd travels to take these magnificent photos.