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We welcome your visit to learn more about the northern lights and to experience the aurora borealis through the camera lens of Alaska's Aurora Hunter, Todd Salat.

2015 New Release

"Whirled View"

Cook Inlet's Turnagain Arm
SE of Anchorage, AK
January 6, 2015 at 11:55 pm
~ I had the sensation of looking through a
window into another whirled!

Happy Summertime, Folks,

It's a hot time in the city, that being our hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. Summertime provides a lot of fun around here with travelers from all around the world migrating through the Great Land. Long daylight hours with spectacular nature & wildlife reward those who venture forth.

Even though I've stowed my aurora gear during the bright summer I still get to mix business with pleasure. Heck, it's all one and the same to me since I love what I do so much. Our outdoor markets are a wonderful time to share and relive the incredible northern lights experiences we've had this past season! If you get a chance please swing by the Anchorage Market & Festival, step into our "Gallerwheelia" and sample what I've preserved with the camera. You're also invited to check out my Facebook page. We extend a hearty Hello.

Have a good one & Thanxsalat!
Todd & Shay

New Releases


Powerline Pass above Anchorage.
December 7, 2013 at 11:17 pm.
Flattop trailhead, Chugach Mtns.
180° panorama

~ See the trail leading to Flattop on the far right?
From there you can reach for the stars of Orion. ~


Koyukuk Creations
"Koyukuk Creations"

Frozen reflections on the
South Fork Koyukuk River.
Dalton Highway in northern Alaska.
Brooks Range in April twilight.

~ One word comes to mind for this region:


Ester Dome ~ April 6, 2014 at 4 am.
Just outside of Fairbanks an
aurora face materializes over
communication towers.

~ I felt like I was on the road to Oz ~

Patriot Bear
"Patriot Bear"

American flag flying at half-mast
catches the attention of a Grizzly on
Patriot Day, 9-11.
Wonder Lake Ranger Station, Denali.

~ This was a once-in-several-lifetimes experience ~


Floating in AK
"Floating in AK"

Sky Blue Pink
Sky Blue Pink

2-DVD Bundle: $25

Epic DVDAlaska Aurora Hunting

Each of these DVDs is a great way to experience the awe-inspiring auroras in motion through Todd's extensive time-lapse footage. Together, they provide an in-depth experience into real life aurora hunting and were many years in the making. Both visual journeys are enhanced with science and music that ranges from space-age acoustic sensations to aurora rock! 2-DVD Bundle

Epic Aurora & Natural Phenomena Trailer
Alaska Aurora Hunting movie trailer

Solar Cycle Graph

Below is a graph illustrating when in the solar cycle I've taken some of my favorite shots. More sunspots leads to more solar flares which, in turn, means more aurora activity! And we are in the peak phase right now.

Solar Cycle

Precious Metals

We are now printing my aurora & scenic shots on aluminum and the results are With Out Words–WOW! The inks are dye-infused onto a specially-coated aluminum sheet and sealed with a gemlike UV coating that is both water and scratch resistant. We have commonly heard people say, "It's like looking through a window"...."Are these backlit?"...."They look so 3D." And the archival quality is out of this world (think century plus). This is a technological breakthrough and the results are in HIGH DEF!

More information can be found on our Metal Print Page.