Massive auroras explode over the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska on October 15, 2022 at 1:45 am.  Best show ever!

The “Supernova” Experience

Humongous rippling auroras explode over the top of Alaska’s moonlit Brooks Range on October 15, 2022 near 1:45 am. This was the pinnacle moment of a 12-night, 1500-mile road trip north of the Arctic Circle that was wrought with inclement weather. Rewards are never guaranteed on aurora hunts but, in this case, I scored when the sky cleared and I got blasted by perhaps the best 20-minute aurora show of my life! It was mayhem in the sky!

Supernova Metal 5-Piece

I did my very best to enjoy the mind-blowing experience while spinning a hole in the ground and creating this super-wide wraparound-your-head image. It was good to have a solid earthly base in these tranquil mountains to land in afterwards, because to me, the auroras warped the fabric of space & time when they went Supernova and took me to the stars!

Todd Salat


Photo Info

Brooks Range, AK
Nikon D850 with 14mm
1.3s, ƒ/2.0, ISO 2500

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