Todd Salat Stickers

Todd Salat Stickers

NEW PRODUCT!!! I am excited to introduce to you my new line of Todd Salat Stickers. These stickers are durable, waterproof and even dishwasher safe. Each is printed on a thick, scratch-resistant vinyl with a protective laminate that’s designed to withstand exposure to wind, rain, snow & sunlight. Introductory Special ~ Buy 4 and get the 5th sticker for FREE!

Denali Stars Sticker

Denali Stars sticker

4"x4" Circle ~ $5 each

Dreamscape Sticker

Dreamscape sticker

3"x4” Rounded Corners ~ $5 each

Eureka Sticker

Eureka sticker

5"x3" Oval ~ $5 each

Pilot's Dream Sticker

Pilot's Dream sticker

5"x3" Oval ~ $5 each

White Satin Sticker

White Satin sticker

4"x3" Oval ~ $5 each

Supernova Sticker

Supernova sticker

4"x3" Oval ~ $5 each

Sunset Bull Sticker

Sunset Bull sticker

4"x4" Diecut ~ $5 each

Love Alaska Sticker

Love Alaska Sticker

3-1/2” Heart-shaped

Sample Sticker Pack

5 Sticker Sample Pack

Regular price for 5 stickers is $25 so you’re getting one free!

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