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Here are some unsolicited testimonials from our customers.

Hi Todd,
Wanted to let you know the picture arrived in perfect shape!!! Thanks so much for all your effort. Hopefully I can get moved back up to AK in the future and add to my Todd Salat collection!
Best Wishes,
Hi Todd,
I was just taking a look at the photos that you have on the Aurora Hunter website, and I just wanted to let you know that those are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. My husband and I went to Alaska on our honeymoon in July and we just fell in love with it. Since then, I have been searching the web for authentic northern lights pictures, and let me tell you I have seen some pretty interpretive work. Your photographs are beautiful, and I plan on buying a few of your pictures!
Just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated!
Hi Todd,
The book arrived today in perfect condition and what a lovely surprise it was to receive the beautiful calendars. Your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated. Happy aurora hunting to you and Shay!
Most sincerely,
Hi Todd -
WOW, I already received the book from ALASKA!!! Thank you for sending it so quickly. It looks awesome. I think she is going to absolutely love it.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Thanks for everything. I received my order and it's wonderful.
Thanks again for everything,
Todd and Shay,
Just wanted to tell you I went to the site and looked at your new pics and you continue to blow me away! I really believe that if you wanted to you could make a living doing this! Seriously, you are a wonderful artist and I am proud to know you.
Merry Christmas and Best to you Always,
Just wanted to say thank you for the photograph. It arrived this morning and thanks for the beautiful calendar. I will enjoy it for many years to come.
Dear Todd,
Thank you very much for my calendar! It came right away and in great shape. I lived in Fairbanks for three years and just went back this summer for a wedding. While I was there a friend gave me your 2007 calendar and I really like it. Hence the reason I ordered next year's calendar! I think it is fabulous that you are able to live your dream and that you met your wife on a blind date! So great.
Thanks again for your generosity.
Hello Todd,
I received the book yesterday and it is beautiful. Since I already missed my friend's birthday, I decided to keep it, just for a while anyway. Hope your trip was success, and you have harvested many wonderful pictures for your next book. Thanks.
Mr. Salat:
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the rest of the world. My parents recently moved to Anchorage and, while I was visiting them over Christmas, my mom could not wait to show me your store. Your way of capturing a mixture of aurora and constellations is absolutely breathtaking. All of the other pictures I've seen of aurora seem very flat--while yours have a real depth. If I were not a college student and had a bit more money, I would decorate my house with many of your creations. For now, my dorm room features just one which I enjoy very much. Anyway, your work is beautiful and has made me appreciate Alaska even more than I already did.
Thank you!

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