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Here are some unsolicited testimonials from our customers.

Hi Todd,
We received the picture and I think it is beautiful. "Alaska Magic" goes to my husband and he appreciates the photo. Over Christmas he wanted to shop for a nature picture, but I wasn't impressed with any–the Redlin and Thomas Kincaid prints are nice, but I don't think they are original like your photos. I was able to make him wait, not letting on that he also would be getting a photo. So thank you for sharing your talent and love for the Northern Lights. We will enjoy "Alaska Magic" for many years!
Dear Todd and Shay...
Watched your Aurora Hunter dvd last night and just wanted to say GREAT JOB!!! Your enthusiasm and love for what you do shines through. I think the music and the movie are a perfect match. Look forward to your next adventure....
Happy Hunting & rock on...!!!...
The photo arrived yesterday; what a beautiful shot! My friend for whom this is her birthday gift is going to love it. Thanks, too, for the gorgeous calendar. I'm going to enjoy looking at your great photos all year.
Got my pictures yesterday. AWESOME! can't wait to give them to my husband.
Thank you so much,
They are wonderful. You have a great gift in your talent and in being able to see such a soulful phenomenon of nature so frequently. And thanks for the calendar, that's a nice surprise.
All the best,
We received the book last week. It is great! I witnessed the northern lights growing up in Minnesota but absolutely none of them were anyway near as magnificent as the ones you captured on film. Thanks for personalizing it for us. It is on prominent display in our den. Take care and keep in touch.
I received the print in perfect condition. I can't wait to frame and display it. I will definitely be purchasing additional photos from you in the future. Thanks for all your help.
Mr. Salat:
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the rest of the world. My parents recently moved to Anchorage and, while I was visiting them over Christmas, my mom could not wait to show me your store. Your way of capturing a mixture of aurora and constellations is absolutely breathtaking. All of the other pictures I've seen of aurora seem very flat--while yours have a real depth. If I were not a college student and had a bit more money, I would decorate my house with many of your creations. For now, my dorm room features just one which I enjoy very much. Anyway, your work is beautiful and has made me appreciate Alaska even more than I already did.
Thank you!
Dear Todd,
I have so enjoyed browsing through your website, which I discovered after purchasing one of your spectacular photo calendars on a recent visit to Alaska. Your warm and personal comments makes your work that much more personal, vivid, and accessible. I really appreciate the "total package" that encompasses what you see through the lens along with your observer's presence. Thanks, and best wishes on your continuing success in bringing us the magic and beauty of Alaska and the aurora night sky.
Hello Todd!
I just wanted to let you know that after moving to Georgia 3 years ago from Alaska, your artwork is still much loved in my home. We just moved into a new place and are decorating with your prints as the focal point of our living room. As I was putting them up I thought I would shoot you an email to tell you that your work is beautiful and how much I appreciate you sitting out in the elements to take these spectacular photos. I attached a pic of the set up so far; hopefully it will make you proud!
Keep up the good work!

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