AuroraHunter Testimonials

Here are some unsolicited testimonials from our customers.

Mr. Salat,
The package got there in perfect condition and they love it!
The photo arrived yesterday; what a beautiful shot! My friend for whom this is her birthday gift is going to love it. Thanks, too, for the gorgeous calendar. I'm going to enjoy looking at your great photos all year.
Dear Todd,
I have so enjoyed browsing through your website, which I discovered after purchasing one of your spectacular photo calendars on a recent visit to Alaska. Your warm and personal comments makes your work that much more personal, vivid, and accessible. I really appreciate the "total package" that encompasses what you see through the lens along with your observer's presence. Thanks, and best wishes on your continuing success in bringing us the magic and beauty of Alaska and the aurora night sky.
Toddy Salaty,
You are the Best!! I always use one calendar to write and one is saved.
Good luck in getting the shot!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Todd,
Wanted to let you know the picture arrived in perfect shape!!! Thanks so much for all your effort. Hopefully I can get moved back up to AK in the future and add to my Todd Salat collection!
Best Wishes,
Thank you Todd for the great service.
Looking forward to seeing your new prints this summer, especially "Denali Duo." Looks very interesting.
Take care,
Dear Todd,
I received your "Spectacular Aurora" from my niece as a Christmas present and just had to write you. Your pictures are truly spectacular and I can just imagine the feelings these sights must have given you. Congratulations on a truly beautiful book and continued success.
Best Wishes,
Thanks, again, for your lovely work. I believe I'll have to get a bigger apartment to accommodate all the prints... 10 so far not counting the recent order!!!
Have a great year,
Hello Todd!
I just wanted to let you know that after moving to Georgia 3 years ago from Alaska, your artwork is still much loved in my home. We just moved into a new place and are decorating with your prints as the focal point of our living room. As I was putting them up I thought I would shoot you an email to tell you that your work is beautiful and how much I appreciate you sitting out in the elements to take these spectacular photos. I attached a pic of the set up so far; hopefully it will make you proud!
Keep up the good work!
Hello Todd,
I received my order today and the photographs are spectacular!! Being born, raised and spending over 30 years in Fairbanks, I saw many wonderful Northern Lights displays. You have captured them superbly.

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