13 Seconds

Dazzling auroras erupt above the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska.  Each shot is a 0.8 second exposure and the three images were all taken within 13 seconds

The “13 Seconds” Experience

Dazzling auroras erupt over the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska on April 18, 2021 at 1:03 am. These lights were so bright that I had to dial back my camera exposure time to less than 1-second each, and they were expanding so quickly that all three shots were taken within a 13-second time span. In other words, these auroras were on fire!

When the fireworks were over, and I saw the succession of these three images pop up on my screen, I felt my eyes water I was so danged super-charged. This show was extra special!

Todd Salat


Photo Info

Brooks Range, Alaska
Nikon D850 with 14mm
.8, ƒ/2.5, ISO 1600

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