Mystic Mascot

Mystic Mascot

The “Mystic Mascot” Experience

Powerful auroras double the viewing pleasure by reflecting on Olnes Pond, north of Fairbanks & Fox, Alaska, on October 11, 2017 at 8:38 pm. This was the early part of an all-night, all-sky display that gave me “aurora neck,” a stiff neck from spending 10 straight hours looking up!

Reflection shots are fun to... reflect upon. At first glance I see a raven’s head (or at least its distinguishable beak). Probably because I see so many ravens in Alaska and really enjoy their company. This image also reminds me of an Alaska Native art painting or totem.

When I posted this to Facebook people immediately replied with it’s a Seahawk (!), the mascot and iconic logo for our nearest professional football team in Seattle.

Most importantly, what do YOU see ???


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